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Protect Your Child's Smile

Our dentists specialise in looking after children's teeth and gums.
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Children's Dentistry

Find A Dentist For Your Child That You Are Both Happy With, And Make Visits To The Dentist Child's Play

We know that some children find a visit to the dentist a little scary and can feel very anxious when receiving treatment.

Bringing your child to visit us from an early age can help reduce their anxiety. It helps them to become familiar with the surgery and build a relationship of trust with our team.

We are a family-friendly dental practice and pride ourselves on our ability to make a visit to the dentist fun and relaxing for your child. We take the time to make sure your child is completely comfortable and at ease during their consultation.

When should my child first visit the dentist?

Your child's first visit to see us should ideally happen as soon as their first tooth has appeared.

By bringing them to see us at this early stage in their development, we can help prevent problems such as tooth decay occurring.

We will help you understand how best to look after your child's first teeth.

From a young age, they will become familiar with trips to the dentist, helping to avoid any future anxiety about coming to see us.
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Ongoing care for your children's teeth

Early visits to the dentist will help ensure the long-term health of your child's teeth. They may benefit from paint-on fissure sealants, fluoride varnishes or other types of protective and preventative treatment. We will be happy to advise on whether these would be beneficial for your child at their appointment.

As your child grows older, they may need help to perfect their smile due to over-crowded or protruding teeth. We are happy to carry out any orthodontic work necessary to correct these problems, or if necessary, refer you on to another specialist.

What will it cost?

We understand that the cost of dental care for your children can be a worry. Which is why we offer various payment schemes to all our patients to help you budget and manage the cost of any treatment required.

Also, we offer free treatment to children under five years of age, letting you introduce them early to the importance of good oral care.

You have the option of joining our Denplan scheme which, for children, is only £8.99 per month.

This can give you the peace of mind that your child will receive the treatment they need to keep their teeth healthy without leaving you with hefty bills to pay.

If you have any questions regarding your child's dental care, or you would like to discuss our various payment options, please get in touch. We are always happy to help.
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